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About R.E.A.C.H

R.E.A.C.H Across is a cross community youth organisation for young people in the North-West Region of Northern Ireland.


The primary aims and objectives of R.E.A.C.H Across are:

1. To create, develop and provide a structured programme of activities/events that promotes cross-community contact amongst young people.

2. To provide personal development for young people through social and educational training and to broaden their knowledge of voluntary youth work.

3. To encourage members to actively participate in the planning and running of programme events and theirby develop their organisational skills.

4. To provide international youth exchange projects and overseas volunteering opportunities.

5. To provide outdoor education camps consisting of outdoor activities, team-building and groupwork exercises that aim to promote confidence and skills-base.

6. To provide a lively and alcohol/drup free enviornment during the programme.

7. To deliever developmental workshops and courses to schools such as community relations, citizenship and drugs awareness.


Our Annual Programme includes:

1. Spring , Summer and Autumn residentials

2. International Youth Exchanges

3. Personal development training - CookIt, First Aid, Drugs Awareness, Community Relations, etc.

4. Activities - Laser Quest, Adventure Courses, Theme Parks, Dance Skills, Drama, Banana Boat, etc.

5. Citizenship, Prefect and Pathways courses in local Primary and Post-Primary schools



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